Presonus Italian distributor and Endorser for Educational

PPG Studios

PPG Studios is the result of big professionals action in design and construction of recording studios.


Music Software and Hardware Italian distribution for RME and Genelec products


Eventide Effects and PlugIn

Audio Ribera

Professional Italian Hi Quality Tube Microphnes 


Endorsment for Studio One and Presonus Hardware

Eko Music

Italian Music Instruments brand since 1959. 


Professional Measurement solution


Mastering Software and Audio Editor for OSX

Fabfilter Plug-In

Fabfilter Endorsment and support for high definition in the box mixing system.

Ferrofish Converters

Our Converters favourite for real analog summing and mixing in our Hybrid System

Pianoteq 5

Endorsment for Pianoteq 5 pianos and keys

RME Audio

Our audioboards and converters with 0 latency for the best recording experience and in box mixing System

PSP Plug In

PSP Audioware plug in for the best analog emulation available on our in box mixing system

Vovox Cables

All studio gears are connected with the best cables worldwide Vovox