On Line Mixing with Pro SoundEngineers

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We provide a different professional mixing approaches, from the top class full analog SSL 4000 G+ console 48 channels, to Analog summing mixer Neumann, or Hybrid mixing with External analog compressors and Eqs. We care about your projects and our professional equipment is used in any kind of budgets. This is the next step for young artist or low budget productions. Our services brings your work directly to the top class results. Our equipment includes Maselec, Ferrofish, Elysia, SSL, Fairchild, GML, Neve, Audient, Neumann, RME, Prismsound, Ribera mics, all connected with top class cables Vovox for a real 0 noise perfection. Ask for infos and pricing about SSL Mix scheduling. Send us an email or follow us on Facebook. Our online service will be secured via our DropBox professional account.

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