On Line Mastering Service with Pro

Mastering for any Budget

Mastering is the most important process after mixing. We provide a professional approach with our Sound Engineers (Grammy winners) and pro analog and digital equipment available. We enhance, push, wide and clear your mix to reach the real maket standard commercial releases. We also provide a professional Vocal treatment like tuning, compression, eq, and fx thanks to our experience with the best worldwide singer like Andrea Bocelli, Rita Ora, Ariana Grande, Il Volo, Mims, etc. Make your vocals sounds like top artists. Send us your tracks as Stereo Mix or Stems for a more professional mastering process. We work with any kind of files, better quality is request. We also offering a dithering and downsampling process from hightes frequency at 24-32bit to CD standard 16bit 44kHz with the best algorithm for a real donwsampling without quality loss, ready for iTunes release and mp3 release. Ask for a quote, we will send you a demo mastering of 30sec for free. Add a final touch to your songs.

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